Saturday, January 9, 2010

Autumn/Taupe Scarf Finished

Here it is! (click on picture for larger image) 80 inch long including 3 long fringe, 4-1/4 inch wide. Loom is a Schacht Cricket. The horizontal stripe pattern carried all the way through even as the warp colors changed from the variegated yarn. When I am weaving I am focused on a small section of the piece, so I was pleasantly suprised with how well the color changes worked in the complete piece. No so much because I'm good, but because the yarn designer did a good job with the color changes.

When I set up the warp, I took advantage of the placement of the 9 inch long yellow sections in the yarn. I made sure I had yellow in the fringe area on each end of the scarf. So I was able to braid yellow with a contrasting color for the end treatment.

I braided the scarf on the loom, it's just easier to control things that way. After cutting, braiding the first end, remove the heddle then wind the scarf onto the beam to get back to the beginning. Then cut, braid and finish the second end.

The color and horizontal stripe pattern has a "native" feel to it so I thought braids would look better than twisted fringe. The fringe looks good, I need more practice to make the ends even. 3 inch long, knotted, then trim yarn 1/4 inch.

To see first part of this scarf project see Autumn/Taupe Narrow Scarf

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