Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sprang in color

I'm ready to start working on larger sprang. I pulled this wooden frame out of the garage to use for sprang. It measures 11-1/2 inch between the sides and is 30 inch overall. It part of an old laundry hamper that I took apart to use as a frame loom. I tied on the dowels at 23 inch apart.
(click on pictures for larger image)

I warped up with red, white, and blue cotton yarn because I'm tired of using white yarn. This is for practice. I'm going to comb this out and start over. Look at the upper right there is a string that got away and is not attached to the web for three rows.

There is the whole frame. As you can see at the bottom, I was trying to make horizontal stripes, but the webbing is not forming correctly. I found that using chopsticks, dowels, and a safety string are very good for holding my place as I try to figure out what the heck I did!

I'm getting encouragement and advice from the people on the new Sprang_List on yahoogroups.

Have a good day!

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Catherine said...

What an interesting project! Now I'm eyeing the clothes horse left in the garage :).
Nice to see.