Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fingerweaving - Chevron

I was making a tutorial about fingerweaving a chevron pattern band.

But then I find I'm having trouble with the interlocking part in the middle.

Since I already have the pictures taken here it is. If you have suggestions let me have it.

Any clue would be appreciated.

Picking up where we left off on the first tutorial. I setup a fingerweaving twice as wide as the first one. 32 strands total. 16 strands color, 16 strands white. Using chopsticks for the spacing is shown in Carol's James book “Fingerweaving Untangled” and is a good technique.

Setup is 4 white, 4 color, 4 white, 8 color, 4 white, 4 color, 4 white

The technique is sometimes called Outside In. The outside warp is pulled through to the middle area.

Here is after two warps pulled through you can see that I interlock the threads in the middle. This is how the two bands are joined together.

After three warps pulled through, the two sides start pulling together. Be sure to keep track of the outside warp (on right). Grabbing the wrong warp will spoil the pattern.

Here is the band coming together. The center interlocking area needs to be watched carefully. It can appear like total chaos. But as the pattern comes together and the routine catches on the pattern gets more organized.

I firmed up the band, got the tension more even and now the chevron pattern develops.

Here is some more of the braid. The edges are wavy and I'm having trouble keeping the interlocking section looking neat. Somewhere I missed an over/under pair and now it's hard to figure where the two should cross.

So that's where I'm at now!

Keep braiding.

Have a good day!


NewlyAwakened said...

I think it looks great. Did it continue to be an issue or were you able to continue weaving as is?

Franco Rios said...

I changed the method of weaving, not interlocking the center but weaving across, see the latest post