Monday, February 1, 2010

Warp frame modifications

Warp Frame Modifications - I've warped many pieces of continuous warp on sticks tied to the frame. It's cheap and easy, but tedious to tie and untie for small pieces.

So I drilled holes into the sides of the frame. Push the 3/8 inch sticks through the 1/2 inch holes, use string to keep sticks from sliding out sideways. I tried 3/8 inch holes but the holes were not perfectly straight and sticks did not point directly to the hole on other side.

Warp is quickly wrapped on the extending rods.

A bit of coat hanger wire is used to hold the warp to the larger dowel for a smoother end finish. The dowels are slid off to allow me to move the warp to the clipboard loom.

Have a good day!

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