Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Toba Loom Adventure

The Toba adventure just keeps going.

Do a search for "telar toba" and you will get many hits on spanish language websites (telar = loom in spanish)

Beautiful weaving and very good looking looms. Use the "translate" feature on your web browser to get a clue.

edited to add:
I highly recommend this site:

Includes a tutorial on weaving on the toba sash loom with details of the construction that shows everything you need to see to make your own loom.

It's in Spanish so get your spanish/english dictionary out.

The tutorial is a picture file so you can't copy and paste the text into a translator, you would have to type it all in.

Buenos dias!


graciela foradori // E-mail gracielaforadori@hotmail.com said...

Hallo Franco!!!I am working on sprang
I put a cord after any interloking o interlacing sprang.but I remove them after the work ends. Only the last cord remains to hold the warps.
I invite you to look at my blogs.
Have a good day!Do you speak Spanish?
Graciela, from Argentina
Te invito a visitar mis blogs

http://www.flickr.com/photos/gracielaforadori/ sprang, gasas

Franco Rios said...

Good morning Graciela,

Thank you for those links to your blogs. I have just spent an hour looking at the wonderful photos and information on your sites.

I do not speak Spanish, but I will learn. I have to use internet translation tools, but it is adequate. I can translate some of the other on my own.

I especially enjoyed the gasas (gauze) for curtains. I've been asking people about the wonderful gauze curtains I used to see in Los Angeles Calif when I was a boy and your curtains are very much as I remembered them.

Thank you again for your links!
Have a good day!
Franco Rios
Sacramento, Calif. USA