Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fingerweaving - Chevron cont.

(click picture for larger view)
Chevron continued. I found the interlock in the middle was causing me to lose track of which strands are the middle. I even lost track of one section where I had 3 white one side and 5 white on the other instead of 4 each side. While I found that if I move my outside strands up and away while I moved my "over/under" strands to make them more obvious, it was still confusing in the middle. I remember having similar issues on my larger chevron project last year.

So I switched to the other method, which is to allow the weft strand to go across to the other half of the braid and become a warp on the other side. No interlock to return to the same side.

Here is a close up of the area. Above the white string is the area with the interlock. Below is the area with no interlock, but weft goes to warp on the other side.

Immediately I notice there is no longer a line of bumps down the center where the interlocks occurred. The edges are smoother too. There is also a curve developing on the right side, so I will have to remember to use less tension on that side.

I used variegated color yarn, so it changes color. The pattern repeats every 50 inches so I cut my color strands to 50 inch and arranged the color changes together. I took half the strands and turned them around to get alternating color stripes.

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