Friday, February 12, 2010

Sacramento 13 St & Sacramento River

More notes from my corner of the world: Sacramento Calif, 13th Street
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These are things that I see on my way to work on public transit. Above you see the whimsical painting of a Beefeater who greets visitors to an apartment building on 13th Street.

Walking 13th St toward N St, this is the back of the Westminster Presbyterian Church. A beautiful old building capped with red tiles, I like the dome, the bell tower, the chimneys and roofs surrounding it.

Here is the 13th St side of the church, I like the big medallion window.

There's a little roadway that bisects Capitol park at 13th St. This is a view of the State Capitol building. The park has trees and plants from all over the world and many of them have signs to tell what they are. There are also statues and monuments that we will see on future postings.

I walk about six blocks from the light rail stop to the bus stop to go across the river into West Sacramento. I could use another stop that is only a two block walk, but I need the exercise and it does not go through the park.

Here is a view of the Sacramento River from the bus as I go over the Tower Bridge, looking toward the "I" Street bridge. You can see the excursion boats at the docks the right. The big boat is actually a paddle wheeler that is permanently docked there. It serves as restaurant and hotel. The water is very high from over two weeks of rain in the area.

The big building on the left is new and part of the development going on in West Sacramento.

That's all for today from my corner of the world.

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