Thursday, January 26, 2012

Caught on the Web

Caught on the web - Fiber Sites of Interest

Discover African Mudcloth. Includes interactive DIY mudcloth activity
via Smithsonian Institution

Fibershed - A case study for sourcing fibers locally

Lost art of weaving Spanish Moss (Video 2:59) - Dawn Klug loves to tell you about Spanish moss. See her harvest, carding, spinning and weaving Spanish Moss. She weaves saddle pads with it for Civil War re-enactors. Published Jan. 16, 2009 [Maurice Rivenbark |]

Mermaid woven on a stick weaving loom

Weaving sticks

And Potholder loom weaving

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ryanandlexi said...

Hello. I googles spinning wheel classes in Sacramento and found my way to you. I have an inquiry. My Mother in Law has a spinning wheel and has always mentioned that she would love to take classes on how to use it. We both have llama's and sheep and currently donate our wool (to schools and such) but would love to take advantage of the spinning wheel to utilize some of our wool. Just wondering if you know of any classes or private teachers in the area in which she and I (and maybe the older granddaughters) could learn to use the spinning wheel. Thank you for your time. I can be reached at
Alexis Smith