Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Experimental Sprang Frame Continued


After the last report, the sprang project was getting pretty snug on the 13 inch cardboard frame. I had moved the sprang from the long 13 inch frame to my regular 11 inch frame. After this picture I stop using knitting needles as holders because they keep sliding out. I started using string like I did on previous projects. The warp is kind of floppy and loose even with the tubes. That makes it hard to keep track of the intertwining.

So I made a 12 inch frame. The strings fit more snuggly with just one tube. I think I have the system figured out. I'll start on the 13 inch frame with tubes and move to smaller frames as needed.

I move the sprang from the 12 inch frame by sliding the 11 inch frame into the sprang and then removing the 12 inch frame. It worked smoothly. Now you can see the white and blue strings moving closer together as the band works around.

Here is the reason for working on cardboard frames. I can put all three frames into a plastic bag and slide that into my messenger bag for my commute to work and back. That's why I am spending time trying to figure a system to make sprang a compact craft.

So I can practice on the train or the bus! Here I go with my 11 inch frame. Over half finished!

Have a good day!


Delighted Hands said...

Very clever! I like the portability factor.

cindy Moore said...

I am following this religiously. It's something I want to try. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.