Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Marg Gibson - Weaver and internet hostess

Marg Gibson, listowner of the yahoogroup "Weaving" since 1999 has passed away.

This message was posted on the group by Alice Murphy..
I regret to tell the list that Marg passed away this weekend. She was a
personal friend of mine as well as list owner. I have been acting as moderator
for the last few years. I will go find out just how we can keep the list going.
Don't know if there's a way to transfer ownership or if it will be necessary to
begin a new weaving list and keep this one for the information in the files. I
am going to check with Yahoo and some who know more about this sort of thing
than I do.
Alice Murphy in MO. Weaver, spinner crocheter and sometime knitter.

Marg Gibson provided a forum for weavers from all over the world to communicate
and exchange information and ideas.
We are richer for her works and poorer for her passing.
The Creator has a master plan.
Have a joyful day!
Franco Rios

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Anonymous said...

Hi Franco;
I am living around a farm near Antalya- Turkey. I am interested in every kind of hand works and I am doing some. I was looking for weaving and suddenly, I found Laverne. She is now my teacher !

I asked Laverne about any of proffessional- like loom plan and she gave me your name.

I am spinning wool and would like to make my own fiber by myself. Can you help me to find a loom plan?

Thank you very much !!