Saturday, January 21, 2012

Experimental Sprang Frame

Experimental Sprang Frame. (click picture for larger image)

Continuing the Sprang adventure. The goal is to work a continuous warp on a small frame. On a previous test I determined after the first couple of rows are worked in the sprang, there needs to be a method for creating slack in the piece. In another previous project I used a clipboard frame loom with dowels that are removed to create slack. Click here for CLIPBOARD LOOM. So I decided to try it out with a cardboard loom. I rolled up a couple of thin magazines into tubes and secured with rubber bands. Then I tied them to cardboard with acrylic yarn.

Then I wrapped the yarn over the frame and tubes. Yarn is Sugar and Creme Red cotton worsted 4 ply. The blue yarn is twined to help keep the yarn in order. Be careful not to miss any of the strands when you twine. I missed one the first time I twined it. This is my second try.

I started to interlink the string. I used knitting needles to hold the pattern. The process of twisting the yarn shortens the warp over the frame and that tightens the yarn on the frame.

After the second row, I found the yarn was pulling on the cardboard frame so I removed one tube. That created some slack but the frame keeps flexing as I work.

Here is picture of the working side without the tubes. I am sliding the knitting needles out of the pattern and inserting to the new row as I work down.

Here is picture of the other side. I slide a second knitting needle to move the pattern "down" over the edge of the frame to this side.

Again the reason for doing this is to work Sprang on a continuous warp on a small frame with common materials for the frame.

I'll be sharing the experiment as it continues.

Have a good day!

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