Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fingerweaving in Nov

I've been fingerweaving on the train on the way to work. I didn't get any usable pictures on the commute, but here is a couple of items I am working on.

(Click pictures for larger view) I thought this was called Peruvian rep braid, but it's not and now I don't know what it's called, flat weaving?. As you see the contrast threads move diagonally through the band. The braid is about one inch wide (12 strands of cotton yarn) and length is about 18 inch.

Here is the flat weaving next to a typical Peruvian flat braid style weaving. The yellow band is kind of a sampler, I shuffled the contrast threads around to vary the appearance of the pattern.

Have a good day!
(edited 12/14/09 to correct the braid name)

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