Sunday, November 29, 2009

A new Cricket trick and a scarf

Here's the latest finished scarf done on the Cricket loom (click on pictures for larger image), it's acrylic yarn, the colors are like strawberry, chocolate, vanilla ice cream. I warped the variegated yarn in pairs separated by pairs of white yarn, this spreads the color in a wider pattern than just straight plainweave.

Here is some of the yarns.

Warping the Cricket.

Before winding on, the warp is attached to a book bag with a dog leash. The resistance of dragging the bag across the carpet puts enough tension to tightly wrap the yarn on the beam.

And here's my new trick. The threads on the Cricket warp beam can cross each other, causing the shed not to open fully when weaving. So using chop sticks to make a new cross on this side of the heddle, I can straighten the warps so there is no problem on the weaving side of heddle. I just push the sticks back and over the big dowel when I advance the warp. Much faster than using a crochet hook to chase all those threads.

Have a good day!


N. Maria said...

So very clever! Thank you for sharing this idea!

LaughingLark said...

This is a great idea! I am having some trouble with Caron Simply Soft yarn doing this on my cricket right now. I think I have chopsticks in my silverware drawer. If I can find them, I'm trying this right away!

The scarf you made looks really nice.

Franco Rios said...

I'm glad you found this info useful.
Have a good day!

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Great idea using a books bag and dog leash. Thanks for sharing.