Monday, November 2, 2009

Finished Scarf for Weavolution Weavealong

I finished weaving the scarf yesterday. Somehow I lost track of the length and it came up a foot shorter than planned. I wanted six foot and this finished a little over 5 foot including the fringe. I think In underestimated the cutoff length. But mostly I just goofed!

Today I finished the ends with a row of overhand knots, then two rows of knots to make kind of a fish net look, then pairs of ends with knots at the ends. Now to put it into the wash for wet finish. Finish ends are about five inch long.

Have a good day!


Spinning Out of Control said...

The scarf came out great! Did you post a pic on Weavolution?

Franco Rios said...

Yeah, there is a picture on the Acrylic yarn message

Have a good day!