Sunday, November 8, 2009

More log cabin details

Here is a picture of the crossed threads on the back beam after advancing the cloth.
(click picture for larger view)
This is because of the thread sorting I did after direct warping the loom. The crossed threads above the back beam (upper dowel) will prevent a clear shed when weaving.

Here is the back beam after straightening the threads so none are crossed over each other. Below the beam doesn't matter until I advance the warp again and will straighten all again. A crochet hook is very handy for this. Don't keep the warp super tight while doing this. Have your heddle in neutral position. My loom is on a folding wooden table (tv tray table) and easy to turn around.

Here is some detail of the weft splicing. I over lap the weft two inches to blend in with the pattern. I also try to splice on a pattern change. The yarns sticking up will be cut off after wet finishing.

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