Saturday, December 5, 2009

Youtube: Spinning yarn on a pencil

Anybody who has read my blog for any length of time know how much I love primitive, simple tools. So when I saw this link posted on I know I had to pass it alog.

Spinning yarn using a pencil as a makeshift spindle
Zaftigwendy shows how to spin and how to ply by rolling a pencil on the thigh.

I love simple fiber tools. I've never seen this technique before but it makes so much sense.

Have a good day!


Tallguy said...

I do the same thing with a section of a wire coat hanger. I cut out the bottom and one corner making a kind of shepherd's hook. Then I hook it into some fibre, roll it on my leg, and I have yarn!

Then with the yarn wrapped on the shaft, I can take a second wire shepherd's hook (made from the other side of the hanger) and knit with them with the yarn right off the shaft of the spindle! Impresses the heck out of on-lookers -- they are so easy to amaze! Love it. Beside, the price is about right too.

Franco Rios said...

Now that is clever! I am impressed but then I have a low threshold of amusement.

I'm trying to remember if I have any wire hangers left around here. We use plastic ones mostly and never go to the dry cleaners.

Thanks for the comment!