Friday, December 25, 2009

A tale of three scarves

3 scarves made on Cricket Rigid Heddle loom using 10 dent heddle. All 6 inch wide and 72 inch long plus fringe. Made with acyrlic yarn, variegated yarn and solid white. Twisted fringe finish. (you can click on photo for larger picture)

This woven with alternating half white, half color warp and woven with two shuttles, one white, one colored. This spread the color change along the scarf.

This yarn was chosen for its earth tones. It's warped alternating half white, half color. I was worried about running out of white yarn and so I wove 4 picks of color yarn, 2 picks white, 4 picks color, 2 white. This did a good job of move the color sequence and the scarf looks different from the first one.

This scarf was made from two skeins of black and grey variegated yarn. I organized the warps into runs of color. I noticed that the color pattern was based on 11 inch sections and seemed to repeat every 88 inches, so I warped 88 inch long. The warp seemed to change to a different shade of color every 11 inches. I wove one shuttle on the weft. When it was time for new yarn, I made sure I cut the yarn at the same color change to preserve the weft color sequence.

I'm really impressed with how well it came out.

Have a good day!

edited to correct: warp on first two scarf is alternating half white, half color, not all white warp.
That is two strands white, two strands color.


woodsies said...

Hi, Franco! I am very impressed with your scarves! They are beautiful and very professional looking. Good work!

Chris in NJ

Franco Rios said...

Thank you Chris.

The Cricket loom gets some of the credit. That little loom is a scarf factory! It handles the details so I can work on the ideas.

Have a good day!

lostsentiments said...

These are really very nice :0) I just got a loom yesterday and am wondering what to make with it and came across your blog - these scarves are lovely :0)

Franco Rios said...

I'm glad you liked it. You can spend months and years just weaving scarves if you want to. Endless patterns and you can always repeat the projects that were fun.
Have a good day!