Saturday, December 26, 2009

Harrisville Lap Loom - Size A 12" X 16"

Here is the Harrisville Lap Loom Size A 12" X 16" that I have. The pointed flat sticks are the shed sticks. If you don’t have them in your kit you can go to the hardware store and ask for a couple paint stirring sticks. They might cost 50 cents to a dollar each. You might buy some sandpaper to sand a point on the sticks.

As for yarn, the loom is built with pegs spaced every half inch, pegs are 3/16 inch thick. When you warp with yarn that is 8 or 10 wraps per inch in thickness (WPI) your warp will be spaced about 1/2 inch. But there will be a lot of open space between the warps. If you weave with the same yarn, your weaving will be very weft faced, that is the weft yarn will cover the warps. If you are not careful, the weft will pull the warps closer together and spoil your spacing as you weave, so be sure to watch the spacing as you weave.

The instructions have directions for making bags, pillows, placemats or wall hangings.

I wove a single panel out of cotton vari-colored yarn (sugar and creme). The panel was a little too small for a wash cloth after I machine washed and dried it, but I folded it, stitched around two sides, put a drawstring on the open side and made a little pouch to hold soap for the shower. It’s a good way to use up those little bits of soap, especially handmade soaps.

You can also sew together small pieces to make larger ones.

You could even do tapestry with it, I would recommend getting some fat yarn to weave on it.

If you have the “Wonder Wand” which is a square toothed comb looking stick, that is supposed to push down every other warp to make your shed (warp opening) easier. It works if you are very careful not to let the weft (horizontal) threads pull the sides of the weaving in. Once the warp is out of alignment and the spacing is changed, the Wonder Wand does not work.

So be prepared to use one of the pointy sticks (shed sticks) to pick up every other warp to create your shed for weaving.

Have a good day!

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