Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Self Stripe Washcloth on Frame loom

I did some washcloths for a friend on my little frameloom. The yarn is Sugar & Creme self striping worsted cotton yarn. I lost the label and don't know the name of the color. I arranged the warp & weft so it looked like a color gamp sample. Woven size is 12 x 12 inch.

Here is the finished cloths, color not so good in this pic. Size came out 11 x 10 inch.

Folding table legs set up for warp the yarn at 12 inch.

After warping 120 threads, tables were no longer in line. Will put weight on tables next time.
I could not use this warp so I started over.

This time I am continuous warping the dowels on the frame. Starting continuous warp.

After warp is done the edge is twined then lashed to dowel/loom beam.

A metal tooth comb is used as a beater.

When things get tight, the flat shuttle stick is traded for a chopstick with a hole drilled in the end.

Have a good day!