Saturday, December 19, 2009

Autumn Red Scarf on the Cricket

(click for larger picture)
This is a scarf woven for my son's friend at school who happens to be a girl. Since they've already exchanged gifts it's not a secret so I can post it. The scarf is about 4.5 inch by 72 inch. The yarn is Caron Simply Soft "Autumn Red" acrylic with a couple of strands of white acrylic for accent.

Here is the scarf on the Cricket rigid heddle loom. My son went with me to select the color and yarn. I warped it, started the first two inches and then he started weaving. He did a good portion of it over a couple of evenings, not bad for a kid who is 13 years old anyway. I had promised him we would not miss the deadline so I finished it for him when he had to go to an evening program at school.

So the next night we finished it, washed it, steam ironed it, wrapped it and put a bow on it. He gave it to her the next day. He says she liked it.

I promised him it would not look lame and I think we did good.

Have a Merry Christmas!


Spinning Out of Control said...

Aw! Love is in the air...nice scarf

Franco Rios said...

Could be love. He even combed his hair!

Before he buzzed it off with the clippers.

Not always sure about that boy.

Have a joyful day!