Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sprang 3 and Sprang 6

Here is sprang #3, with more practice, my eyes and my fingers are getting used to movements and patterns needed for this basic weave pattern.

Here is sprang #6, becoming more familiar with the movements and where the strings need to overlap for the weaving to work. I have 24 warps on it now. Will start some wider pieces with a long board soon.

I've used string to pull the weaving wide for taking the photo. I've also drilled some holes in the clipboard to anchor the sticks.

Here are some more sprang links

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Edited to add:
I found another sprang book online at
Egyptisch Vlechtwerk [Sprang], Holkema & Warendorf, 36 pages.
Part 1 file size 4.2MB
Part 2 file size 11.6MB
Description from Anne Blinks
Van Reesema, E. Siewertsz, Egyptisch Vlechtwerk [Egyptian Lace], V. Holkema
& Warendorf's, Uitg-My.N.V. Amsterdam, N.D. 48pp. [Instructions included,
with photos. Also photos of currently interlaced pieces from classes.
This is what we now call Sprang.]
I don't read Dutch, but there are dozens of excellent pictures. The book was scanned as picture so I can't put the text into a translator without typing it all in.

Add this web page to the list of links

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Ellen Shipley said...

Clever clip board loom. Great links too. 8-] Thanx for including my site.

Unknown said...

Thank you Ellen for visiting my little blog.

I hope you like the other stuff too.

Have a good day!
Franco Rios