Monday, December 21, 2009

Dress Like An Egyptian

Found a very cool doc while searching for "sprang" and "egypt"

Information Pack on Textiles in the
Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology for Students Studying Textiles at Key Stage 4.
Produced with the support of the Sharing Museum Skills Awards


Introduction: The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology and its Textiles 3

Section I: Examples of garments and other textiles in the Petrie Museum
Tarkhan dress
Deshasheh dresses
Gurob sleeves
Bead-net dress
Beaded headband
Sprang-cap (finger woven netting)
Socks (single needle knitting/nalbinding?)
Household textiles
Soft toys
Painted shrouds and Mummy wrappings

You've got to check this out! Good overview with some interesting drawings!

Have a good day!

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