Saturday, November 5, 2011

10 rows forward, six rows back

Oh yeah, this week was 10 rows forward, six rows back.

There was an error. I tried to fix it I just couldn't figure out the
interlinking on all those rows. It was actually less stressful to undo six rows
and start again.

I think I was trying to gather too much of the strings in my fingers and so I
was losing track of threads. I also had trouble with the right side edge
threads traveling too much.

Carol James recommends putting a bead on the outside thread but I just tied a
short piece of yarn with a larkshead knot because I didn't have a bead handy. It
slides when I want it to and stays put otherwise.

So I am back in the zone and I've almost reached the same spot as before. And
everything looks okay.

Have a good day!

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