Monday, November 28, 2011

Green Sprang Bag

This piece is 11 inch long, 30 wraps around the board, 60 threads working. I'm using double thickness of safety string as spacers. This has about nine rows worked at top and bottom.

Using crochet hook I chain looped the middle front row and turned piece over to chain loop the other row. Then I took one of the free ends of green yarn and it out down to the middle. Pulled free end through the last chain loop of the bottom and then sewed the side using a needlepoint needle.

Both sides are sewn up. I still need to make a braid for the drawstring. The bottom did not spread as much as last time. I'm going to do this again with a tighter weave.

This went a lot faster than the last one.

Have a good day!


ASpinnerWeaver said...

Nice job! That looks kinda fun! What sort of yarn did you use? ~Annie

Franco Rios said...

Thanks! The yarn is Sugar N Creme cotton yarn, I think the color is called Hot Green.

Anonymous said...

Love the color and each bag you do just keeps getting better! Thanks for sharing