Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hawaiian Chieftain In Old Sacramento

Hawaiian Chieftain, Grays Harbor, Wash, is docked at Old Sacramento, Calif until Dec 10. This is a teaching ship to educate people on how a trading ship from 250 years ago would have looked and worked. That is the I Street Bridge in the background.

Here is a picture of the bow with the Tower Bridge in the background. There was a constant stream of people coming to visit the ship and take impromptu tours on board.

If you like string, you gotta love this ship!

Here in the cabin a crew member answers questions.

Visitors chat with a crew member at the wheel. Everyone on the ship was gracious and eager to answer questions.

You can see more pictures on Picasa

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Carol said...

Loved these photos. Brought back memories. Not of sailing these ships LOL but of touring some of them and a few lunches we had in Grays Harbour. Thanks for sharing!