Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blue Sprang Bag

Starting a small sprang bag. Cotton yarn (Sugar and Creme) wound around cardboard while on the light rail train during my commute.

I twined the yarn at top and bottom to keep the yarns in order when I move the warp. The pencil helps hold up off the cardboard while the twining is done.

Using yarn at top and bottom of the piece to hold it in place. The pencil will help hold the layers seperate. Safety strings will help keep the rows protected and will help maintain spacing of each row.

Working the sprang on the bus. The interlinking works on top and bottom rows creating the sprang. My right hand would fit that the group of yarns as I work.

More rows working from top to bottom.

Working more and more rows. It's getting harder to work in the area that is getting smaller in the middle. I need to find my crochet hook to work on this. The erasers on the ends of the pencil help keep the pencil from sliding out during the work. The small bundles of blue yarn (butterfly) near the bottom will be used later to sew up the sides of the bag.

Inspired by the new book "Sprang Unsprung" by Carol James

Have a good day!

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