Monday, November 28, 2011

Purple Sprang Bag

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New sprang bag started Monday morning on the light rail train. Yarn is Sugar N Creme 4 ply worsted cotton, color Hot Purple. 30 wraps for 60 threads working. Top of piece is twined to keep threads in order. Will twine the bottom also. Use a dowel, pencil or similar item to raise threads up for twining.

After both ends are twined, carefully flex the cardboard to relieve tension enough to slide the warp off the cardboard while on the bus.

Using double strands of thread, run thread through the "inside" of the loops at top and bottom. The twining holds the threads in proper order for interlinking. Still on the bus, gotta put it away because my stop is coming up soon.

Doing the interlink (sprang) and using white yarn as safety strings and spacers. This helps maintain the evenness of the web. Little white strings on the outside strings are markers for the edge threads to help me keep the the outer threads on the outer edge. Picture taken during my lunch break.

Using a needlepoint needle I weave a yarn through three times on the middle to make a non-stretch bottom. Done at home while watching television.

Here you see how the middle thread is woven in and around three times to make a non-stretch bottom. The long loops of thread will be used to sew up the sides.

Done on Monday night! Finished at home on the same day it started! I think I like the non-stretch bottom. I'm not happy with the look of the loops at the top. I'll have to think about this some more.

Have a good day!

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